Name Practice- The Three Little Pigs

My oldest son will turn 4 in July.  This fall he will attend half day Preschool.  We have been working on basic skills at home, but we have not done much practice with the letters in his name.  Everett loves the story of The Three Little Pigs, so I made this Name Practice Center with the 3 pig theme.

There are 3 pig mats included plus straw, sticks and bricks for building his name.  The letters are editable so that any name can be practiced.  I printed the pig mats and then edited the straw, sticks and bricks to have Everett, Ethan and Ella: his name plus his brother and sister's names.  

This name practice activity makes a great center!  Simply print the 3 pig mats, and then edit the straw, sticks and bricks to have the letters in your students' names.  The pigs and letter cards can be laminated for durability. 

If students already know how to spell their names, they can grab the letters and then start putting their name in order.
If students do not know the letters in their names, I have included 2 different types of name cards that can be used as a visual reference.  These cards are editable too.  The first style has just the student's name.
The second style has a blank box on the left.  The box has been kept empty so that you can add a picture of the student or you can have the student color the box their favorite color or anything that helps them remember that this card belongs to them.
Everett has loved building his name as well as his brother and sister's names!  I hope your little learners enjoy this center as much as he has!

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