All About Me Craft

I wanted to share my newest craft and writing activity with you.  I love this craft so much for Back to School or as an addition to an All About Me Unit.  The craft template is simple, providing practice to students that are just beginning to use scissors.  Students simply cut out the pieces and then glue to make a boy or girl that looks like them.  To prep this craft, just copy the patterns onto different colors of paper and have students select the type of skin and hair etc. that most closely looks like them.  There are 4 different writing options that can be seen here.  The templates range from fill in the blank to lined writing pages.  The fill in the blank can be answered by the student or the teacher can fill in what the students says (for younger students).  Two different styles of lined paper are included for students that are ready to write.  This project is a great activity to have students present to the class.  Students will have so much fun as they listen to their classmates tell all about themselves!

You can check out this Craftivity here.  Or save this post for later by pinning any of the pictures.

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