Saturday, January 25, 2020

100th Day Crowns

Do you use crowns or headbands in your classroom?  My oldest son is 4 and he loves wearing crowns.  I wanted to share these crowns with you that are super easy to prep and fun for the 100th day.

There are 3 different ways this activity can be completed.  Each hat says "100 Days Smarter".  First up is a free style crown.  This crown can be colored or decorated anyway the student chooses.  Students can color the circles, use bingo markers, paint with Q-tips or use stickers.  Each of these methods help strengthen fine motor skills at the same time.
Next, there is a color by shape activity included.  This activity helps students review 2d shapes and color words.
Lastly, there is a color by code key included in which students give themselves a checkmark after coloring 10 of each color: blue, pink, red, etc. until they have completed all of the colors listed.
I love these crowns because not only are they fun for the 100th day, but they also practice fine motor skills, color words and shapes.  You can find them in my store here.

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