Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Scarecrow and Crow Name and Writing Crafts for Bulletin Boards

I absolutely love these scarecrow crafts for fall!  These crafts are super easy to prep and complete.  Students simply color a boy or girl scarecrow topper and then cut them out.  Then students can complete the name practice activity or the writing.  If using for a name craft, students will just need to color the crows and then write 1 letter of his/her name onto each crow and then cut and paste them in order onto the scarecrow topper.  The writing can be used as a follow up activity to a scarecrow themed read aloud or for students to describe things they love about the fall.
Bulletin board letters are also included that read, Crowing About Fall.  These activities make an adorable display for hallways, classroom doors or bulletin boards once completed.  To see everything that is included just click on the picture below.
While I am talking about crows, I also have this cut and paste craft that comes with writing paper and corn kernels for name practice.
You can find the crow craft by clicking here.


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