Thanksgiving Activities for Kindergarten

My son is in Virtual Kindergarten this year.  I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed having him at home with me.  I enjoy creating activities that align with what he is learning.  The other day he came across my Thanksgiving Color by Code sheets and had so much fun with them.  He actually stayed up past his bedtime so that he could color 2 of them.  These sheets are no prep.  Simply print, grab colored pencils or crayons and they are ready to use.  The printables are great to send home with students that are learning virtually or remotely or to use during face to face instruction.  Everett enjoyed learning and reviewing 3D shapes while coloring to reveal a Thanksgiving themed background.
Everett is also working on sounding out words and writing them.  He has been working on beginning and ending sounds.  This week we tried CVC words.  These cards can be used as a Write the Room activity to get students up and moving or they can be printed and placed in a Literacy center or station.  They can also be completed with the teacher during small group.  Each card has a turkey with a picture and 3 letters.  Students look at the picture, say the word and sound the word out.  The 3 letters are there as visual support to remind students how each letter looks as he/she records the CVC word correctly onto his/her recording sheet.  This is such a fun Thanksgiving themed activity.  There are 2 sets of cards with recording sheets and answer keys included in this packet.
The picture cards can also be placed in sensory tubs if you want to make the center more engaging.
You can find both of these activities in my TPT store here:

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