Peacemaker Craft for Back to School

I wanted to share my newest TPT listing with you.  I absolutely love this product, which can be used in a public-school setting, for homeschoolers, Sunday School and more.  I think we can all agree on the importance of teaching children to be peacemakers, how to end strife, and to get along with each other.  This craft and writing set is great for the beginning of a new school year, but also can be used anytime throughout the year as students need refreshed on classroom rules, procedures and getting along with others.
This craft offers 10 different choices of children for the writing toppers.  There are peace signs included that can be cut and pasted above the writing paper.  Children can write 1 letter of his/her name onto each peace sign to spell his/her name.

This example shows how children can respond through writing about what makes him/her a peacemaker.
The girl topper with the peace signs shows a closer example of how the craft template can be colored and then used for a name craft.  The student just needs to write the letters of her name onto the peace signs.
The bible verse, Matthew 5:9 is also included in King James, English Standard and New International versions.  This option is perfect for those using the craft in Sunday School, Wednesday Night, VBS, homeschool settings and more.
There are also large bulletin board letters included in the download that read, Blessed Are the Peacemakers and I Am a Peacemaker.  

Click on the picture below to be taken to my store to see the product listing.

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