More President's Day

     I have added a few more items to my President's Day Mini Unit.  There are 4 of the secret messages that students decode by writing the beginning letter for each picture.  I went back and changed them by shading the boxes that needed a capital letter.  The boxes that are not shaded need lowercase letters.  My kids have loved solving the messages.  When completed this one will say, "George Washington was our first president".

     I have included a few of these in which the students must trace the sentence and then hunt for one of our sight words, such as "all".

     I have never tried a word find with the kids.  I was a little worried it would be too hard for them, but they LOVED it!  I gave them each a highlighter and they found the words very quickly!

I have added a 100s grid for students to practice writing numbers.

Today we learned about the Liberty Bell.  We drew a picture of the bell and then wrote a fact.  I did not take pictures of these, but here is a look at our bell craft!  All of these items can be found in my President's Day Mini Unit from my TPT store.  I will upload the newly revised items in the morning.  For some reason, my home internet does not want to cooperate with the TPT website!  :)

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