Ever have that feeling, "It could only happen to me?"  I have that feeling quite often... 

     I had a little school money left that had to be spent by March 1st.  So... I decided to order gluesticks, since we go through these like CrAzY! 
     I wanted to buy a gallon of Elmer's glue to refill glue bottles, but didn't have enough money for this.  I only had a couple dollars left to spend.  Not wanting it to go to waste, I decided to spend the last little bit to get whatever size glue I could. 
     The gluesticks arrive to school fine... no problem.  A couple days later I receive a little bitty tiny box... so I'm thinking no way this is my Elmer's glue, no way.  They've made some horrible mistake.  Maybe sent me a few extra glue sticks??  I open the package and this is what I find...

     And, yes, just in case you are wondering the bottle on the right is a NORMAL size, while the bottle on the left is what I got.  While it is cute as a button, I ask you, "SERIOUSLY?"  Oh, well... don't you know someone got a big laugh out of me purchasing this and then them having to wrap this one single itty bitty bottle of glue.  It's almost too cute to use! is a look at 2 new items in my TPT store.

The first, is a Search and Find Teen Number Pack.  This can be used to review Tricky Teens, as morning work, or even sent home as homework.  Here is a look:

Also, I created a quick and easy March Homework Sheet that list what the students are to work on each night.  It is so simple and concise and correlates to the Common Core Standards. 

April Homework is soon to come!

Hope you have a great Friday!!

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