America Unit

Here is my America Kindergarten Packet.

There is an activity to practice patterning.

We did these activities in the Fall when the kids weren't used to tallying.  So this Packet includes practice with tally marks.  The kids look at the number on the White House and then record the tallies on their recording sheet. 
There are 10 different White Houses, with numbers 1-10.  All you need to do to prepare is to print them onto different colors. 
The kids grab a White House and then color their recording sheet the corresponding color and tally correctly.
 There is also an activity in which you can choose 4 words you would like to have the kids practice.  You can use the words I have included or come up with your own.  Copy the words onto the larger pictures and then hide them around the room.  The kids take their recording sheet and search for the words and then record them.  The first one to finish correctly is the winner!
To see this packet click here.

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