Nocturnal Animals

This Fall we studied Nocturnal Animals. 
This is a mini packet of some of the activities we did.
Here are some of the literacy activities.

This station includes larger raccoons that can be copied onto 8 different colors of paper.  I hide the raccoons around the room and then the students all take their recording sheet and crayons and race around the room to find the hidden words and color them the correct color.  The first student to finish coloring the raccoons correctly is the winner!

This station comes with a larger owl, raccoon, skunk and fox.  I have included words to practice, "no, yes, lots, one", however, it is super easy to change and make your own words to practice if you would like to practice a different set of words.  All you have to do is write them or type the words, cut them out and glue them  to the larger animals.  The kids choose an animal and then write the correct word under the animal twice.

At this station, I pair the kids with a partner and they take turns using a spinner.  They can land on "lots, no yes" or "one".  Each partner has a recording sheet.  After they spin they can either color the correct word or use a bingo marker.  The first player to fill up the entire recording sheet is the winner!
The Nocturnal Packet also has some Math Practice.
There is an activitiy to practice patterning.
The kids look at the patterns on the animals and then continue the patterns on their recording sheet.

There is an activity for the students to cut and paste whether the animals are nocturnal or not.

And lastly, their is an activity to practice Owl Addition.  There are 8 large owls with dots on both wings.  All you have to do is run the 8 owls on different colors of paper.  The students take turns selecting an owl and then writing the addition problem on his/her recording sheet.
For this owl, the student would write 3+3=6.

To see more of the Nocturnal Animals Packet click here.

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