Bee Themed Shape Posters

First day out of school has been so busy!  I ran so many errands today... I had to deposit some checks at the bank that Eric and I got from our showers.  I took a couple things back to Belk that we got too many of and traded them for some salad plates, which we did not get.  I ran to David's Bridal to buy a necklace to go with my dress.  My mom and I went to finish a few plans up with the lady who is making the wedding cake.  Rehearsal invitations were mailed.  Thank you cards finished!!  And I still had time to work on a little something for the classroom.  I get tired of how things look in the room after a while, so I created some new Bee Themed Shape Posters.

There are 11 posters in all. 

Here's a look at a few of the posters:
See more of the posters here.

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