100 Book Challenge Reading Log

At my school we use the 100 Book Challenge Reading Program.  The goal of this program is for every student to read on or above grade level.   Students are leveled and then choose books based on their level. Each night, Monday through Thursday, students take home a book that is on their level to read.  I keep a notebook that lists all of the children's names.  By the names, my aide writes down which book they will be taking home.   If the book is returned the next day, the students may take home a new book.  If the book is not returned, we wait to see if the book will come back.  I keep a record of who takes home what books because they are expensive and if I have a record of which books are missing, I can send home a reminder of what books need to be returned.

 Here is the reading log that we use.

This reading log stays in the student's binder.  There are 100 bees on the reading log.  Each bee represents 15 minutes of reading.  Every time a child reads for 15 minutes, parents can initial by the bee and students can color the bee.  Students have the opportunity to read at home each night and at school during the day.  

Every time a student reaches 25 bees, they are allowed to go to the treasure box.

To see the reading log in my store, click here.

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