Arctic Freeze~ Updates & Sale

I have updated my Arctic Freeze Packet.  There are many activities that are just Print and Go and there are also Station/Center activities included.

Here is an example of some of the Print and Go activities.
There are Color by Sight Word pages to practice learning sight words.

There is a poem that we read as a whole group and then the kids looked for the words within the poem individually.

 Students practiced letter sounds by looking at the picture on the penguin and the letter on the penguin's beak and then coloring the snowflake to show if they heard the sound in the beginning, middle, or end.

There are simple addition and subtraction pages within this packet also.

Some of the printables can be used as assessment or as practice.  This sheet has students practice circling the group that has more.

We used this to draw and write about penguins.

We practiced reviewing sight words by playing this bingo game as a whole class.

This is an example of a station activity that practices 3D shapes.  Students look at the picture and then color whether the shape is a cube, cone, cylinder, or sphere on his/her recording sheet.

This is the recording sheets for the 3D shape station.

There are many more activities to keep your kids learning and engaged.  Click here to see the packet in my store, and while you are there download the preview for a few freebies!

Also, my store is on sale today!

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