Five for Friday

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 to share 5 random things from my week.

Next week we will be learning about Animals in Winter, especially focusing on bears.  I created this reader to practice the word "said" while also learning about characteristics of bears in different seasons.  Here is a look at the reader:

To see the reader in my store, click here.  

This week we continued to work on activities from my Arctic Pack.
During one of the stations we practiced digraphs "ch, sh, th, wh".  
Students looked at pictures

and then recorded the digraph on his/her recording sheet.

In another station, 

 students looked at two pictures and then wrote "yes" or "no" as to whether the pictures rhyme.

During Math, we practiced Seal Subtraction.  
This is an example of one of the seals.  
Students read the problem and then recorded the answer.

We practiced counting walruses in a rectangular array and then recorded our answer.

We also practiced some of our sight words by completing this Search and Find sheet.

Hope everyone has a really great weekend and stays warm and healthy!!

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