Thursday, May 8, 2014

Community Helpers Stations & Printables

This week we started learning about Community Helpers.  

My kids are becoming such great readers.  I made four of these sheets in which they practice reading simple sentences and then cut and paste the matching worker.

 This coloring sheet reviews some of our tricky sight words that look similar.

We went over the following poem and then used a marker to circle sight words.

The students did really great when they cleaned up or unscrambled and wrote the words.

I used this sheet for a report card assessment.  It comes with 12 CVC words that students must cut and then glue to the matching picture.

I also used this sheet as an assessment to see if students could isolate beginning, middle, and ending sounds.

I used these two sheets to assess adding and subtracting fluently within 5.

 I used this to assess "more, less, equal".

And here are a couple of stations that we did this week:

I printed nurses onto construction paper.  Each nurse has a number on her.  The student writes the number on the nurse onto the recording sheet and also records the missing number that is needed to equal up to 10.

For this math station there are addition and subtraction sentences up to 10.  The students really have to pay attention to the sign and decide if they need to make more or less.

And lastly, this is a sight word station.  You simply print the dentists and then write sight words that need work onto the dentists.  You can tape them around the room or use at a station and students find the words, record them, and then read them.

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