Five for Friday

So glad it's Friday!  Just one more week until our Zoo field trip! 

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We finished learning about Zoo animals today.

 Earlier this week the kids completed a Sea Lion Sight Word Search.  They used a marker to circle the words as they found them.  After they found all of the sight words they practiced reading them to me.

The kids practiced counting in one of our Stations this week.  Students chose a zoo keeper and then recorded the number and kept counting.

Today we did "Roll the Dice" during Stations.  The kids had a little trouble with this one.  It's funny how you think some things will be so easy for them and they struggle and then sometimes when you expect something to be challenging they get it right away!  I guess we just need more practice.  They had fun and eventually figured it out!  All they had to do was roll the dice and then either write the number they rolled or draw dots to show the number that was rolled.  After rolling the dice they had to add the numbers together and write the answer.

 Camouflage Sight Words:
The kids really loved this station.  They used magnifying glasses to search for camouflaged words on the zebras.

Monkey Money:
This was also a little challenging for the kids, but it was good practice.  Some of them got it right away and some struggled to remember if they needed to count by 1s, 5s, or 10s.  

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