Monday, February 15, 2016

Kwik Stix Review and GIVEAWAY

For the last few years, I have taught Sunday School to children from the ages of 2 to 5.  Each Sunday, I usually have 8 kids.  With this Sunday being Valentine's, I wanted the kids to be able to make something for their parents.  We only have around 30 minutes each week.  During that short amount of time, I take attendance, give the kids a snack, and have a lesson and craft time.

The Pencil Grip sent me a set of their Kwik Stix a couple weeks ago to try out and review.  Kwik Stix are tempera paint sticks that dry in 90 seconds.  I saved the sticks for this Sunday so that my class would have a special treat for Valentine's.

My class loves to paint, so I bought wooden picture frames from Wal-Mart.  The frames were $1 each.  My class was very excited when I told them we were going to paint, especially since we were using Kwik Stix... something they had never tried before.  The Kwik Stix come in 12 different colors, but we used red, pink and purple to make frames for Valentine's Day.

This is a picture of one of my 3 year olds when she first started painting her picture frame.

Some of the girls wanted to mix the colors.

 Here they are sharing the sticks.

This is one of the frames after it had been painted.  As you can see, the paint covered the frames well. 

Here are some of the frames after they were painted and stickers added:

My class really enjoyed using the Kwik Stix and I plan to use the sticks for future crafts.  They make craft time fun and clean-up easy.  When using the sticks, I didn't have to worry about washing out paint brushes... which is really nice since my class does not have a sink.  I also noticed that the kids did not get paint all over the table like they would have if they were painting with a brush.

The Pencil Grip is allowing me to give away a 12 pack of Kwik Stix for you to try in your classroom or with your own kids. 

There are several ways to enter the giveaway.  The more times you enter, the better your chances of winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway If you would like to go ahead and purchase these, click here.


  1. I have tried Kwik Stix and my students love them! The colors are so bright!

  2. I have never used them. Would love to use in crafts.

  3. I've not tried them but they look great! I also teach a 3-5 yo class but it's on Saturdays and for our school district's migrant education program.

  4. I have not tried these yet, but I always love to have new ways to create art with my preschool students as well as Sunday school students.

  5. I have never used them but they look so easy!
    Polka Dot Kinders

  6. I've never used them, but they look fun & fabulous!

  7. I haven't tried them before, but I've been wanting to try them. They look fantastic!

  8. I have not used them, but I would love to try them out!
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  9. I haven't tried them. I would love to use them with our Mother's Day projects! Love the colors!

  10. NO !! Look neat ! Michelle Miller

  11. I have not used these, but I love easy craft cleanup!

  12. I have never used them before, but I think they look AMAZING!!

  13. I've never used these I want to try them out!

  14. I've never heard of them... but they look like fun!