Valentine's and St. Patrick's Day Hats

Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day will be here before we know it, so I created these hats that will be fun for students to wear for the holidays or during the class party.  Not only are they fun, they incorporate learning at the same time! 

There are 3 different hats for each holiday.  Students can choose which style of hat he or she would like.  After choosing a hat, students color the hat and then answer the graph.  The graph is the same, no matter what style of hat is chosen.  For instance, there are 6 owls on each Valentine's Day hat.

Here are the 3 different styles:

The hats come with extenders that you can print, or you can staple them to sentence strips.

This is a look at the graph that comes with the hats.  Students color how many of each picture, and then write the total at the end.

To see more of the Valentine's Day hats click here.
For more of the St. Patrick's Day hats click here.

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