101st Day of School Name and Writing Crafts

One of my favorite days of school is the 100th Day.  I love extending the learning an extra day and doing a 101st Day celebration as well.  Our 100th Day of school usually falls around Valentine's Day, and I know this can be a busy time.  If you want to do things differently, you could celebrate the 101st Day to change things up.  I love using a Dalmatian theme for the 101st day.  I wanted to share a few activities that my students love.

First, we practice names.  If students have their first names down, this can be used to practice last names, and if students are doing great with those, they can move on to spelling sight words.  Students simply color the dog and then build their name or a sight word.

Students can choose to use bones or balloons.
There is also a dog holding a bone.  This can be used for students to write his/her name across the bone and then spell his/her name using the bones or this can be used for sight words.
There is writing paper included for students to reflect on what he/she has learned during the school year.
There are also crowns included.
I hope you enjoyed reading about how we celebrate the 10st Day.  You can find all of these activities in my store by clicking here.

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