Saturday, July 24, 2021

Do Unto Otters Activities

This summer has flown by!  My kids start back to school in just a little over a week.  If you are looking for Back to School lessons, ideas or crafts, I have this set of otter themed activities to help out.  I always love incorporating writing as a follow up to read alouds.  I try to use crafts when I can as well.  This set of activities is designed to go along with the read aloud, Do Unto Otters.  This story is great to use as students begin a fresh new year.  Students listen to the story and reflect on ways that others (otters) should be treated.  Students will enjoy coloring an adorable otter topper and then writing a way that he/she can treat others well.

The story and crafts can also be used anytime throughout the year when students may need reminders on kindness or friendship.  I like using these types of activities around Valentine's Day as well, so I added heart shaped writing paper.
There are also hearts that can be used for name practice for younger students.
The crafts make an adorable display for bulletin boards, classroom doors and more.  There are also many variations in the packet including:
We Need Each Otter
You Otter Know
You Otter Be Mine
You Otter Be Kind
To see everything included in this download, click here.


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