3D Shapes Activities

Everett finished up his Kindergarten year by completing a unit on 3D shapes.  Everett stayed home this year for Kindergarten.  I know many Kindergarten teachers love incorporating Write the Room activities, so I made this set of cards for him to practice.  The 3D picture cards come with a recording sheet and answer key.  The cards can be printed and taped around the classroom or they can be placed in sensory bins and made into a center or station.

Students simply select or find the card, go to the corresponding number on his/her picture card and then color each shape that was found.
Everett also LOVES to color so I made these Color by Code coloring sheets for him to practice finding and coloring the shapes correctly.  This set of printables can be used for whole group, small group, independent practice, homework, or so many different ways.
To see these activities, simply click the following links:

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