Sunflower Craft and Writing

Today I have been dreaming about springtime and warmer weather.  I thought I would share this sunflower craft and writing activity that is sure to brighten up bulletin board displays, doors or classroom decor.  The writing templates can be used for Valentine's Day or the activities can be completed during early spring lessons.

The following bulletin board letters are included:

Pure Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine

Let The Sun Shine In

All About Plants

All About Sunflowers

The "You Are My Sunshine" writing prompt can be used for Valentine's Day, spring or Mother's Day.

The seeds can be used for name practice.

The plant labeling activity makes an adorable craft.
There is also writing for when studying plants in the spring.
To see even more and to view this in my store.  Click here.  I hope you all have a bright, sun shiny day!

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