Strawberry Craft and Writing Activities

Everett's first grade class is taking a field trip to the strawberry patch at the end of this month, so I had to add a strawberry craft to my store.  This set has been added to my Growing Yearlong Bulletin Board set or can be purchased individually.  If your class will be taking a field trip too, this is such a great resource to get students talking about whether they like strawberries or not, if they have ever been to a pick strawberries before, etc.

The following bulletin board letters are included:
Berry Sweet Class
Berry Sweet Spring
Farm Fresh Strawberries
One Sweet Class
Welcome to Our Patch

There are 25 full sized writing pages plus strawberries and a bucket to complete a name craft and writing.
I love this lesson because it is so easy to prep.  Teachers simply print and then students color, cut, glue and respond to the writing.  

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