Thursday, August 29, 2013

FREE~ Color by Letter

Tomorrow will be our 9th day!  We will be working on letter Ii.  I created this freebie

to practice visual discrimination of the letter Ii and to also work on color word recognition and coloring skills!  Grab your free copy here.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dog's Colorful Day

My Kindergartners are currently learning color words.  We read "Dog's Colorful Day".  My kids loved the book, so I created this activity to go along with the story.

The kids must read the spots and then color them accordingly.  After coloring, they will cut and paste the spots onto the dog.  I can't wait to see how they turn out!

To see the activity in my store, click here.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Free Letter B and D discrimination

Well, Tuesday was the big day... Back to School!!  I am loving the new babies!  We have already been busy, busy!  Here is a quick freebie if you would like that practices recognizing the difference between letter b and d.

Grab it here!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shape and Color Practice

Today was my first day back!!  I am getting ready to head off to bed!  But I wanted to show you a quick activity that I made to review shapes and colors with my kids.  It's very simple, but practices skills they need.

If you would like to see the sheets in my store just click here.
Have a good night!

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Name Practice with Color Words

Hello, friends!  Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!  I am nervous and excited at the same time about my new kiddos coming on Tuesday.  This past Thursday was Back to School Night, and it went great!  I was able to meet 17 out of 21 new faces! :)

I am trying to get things ready for the first few weeks of school.  At the beginning of the school year, we will be practicing some of the more basic skills, such as name recognition, letter identification, and color words.  So, today I created this fun activity.

I love this activity because it is individualized for each student, and they get to practice much needed beginning of the year skills.  How can you get yours?  Easy!  Just purchase the item from my store and then email me your class roster to and I will have your individualized packet back to you as quickly as I can!  Hopefully, within 24 hours! :)

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Helper Chart

Here is a look at my new Helper's Chart.

I have always limited my helpers to just 3 per day.  I find that it is easier for them and me to remember who is doing what.  Assembling this chart was very simple.  All I did is print out the bees and classroom helper sign.  I laminated them for durability and then wrote each child's name on the bee.  I added a small piece of Velcro to the bee and the door.  This Helper Chart is displayed on the front door of our classroom bathroom.  To keep up with who has been what I keep a chart that looks similar to this:

I keep this chart on the back of the bathroom door and then check off as each student has their turn.  I prefer using a chart instead of rotating helpers because I find it is more fair.  If I rotate helpers and a child is absent, the child loses his/her turn... but using the checklist ensures that each child gets equal opportunity.

To see more about this Helper Chart, click here.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Birthday Display

I am working on making a Birthday Display in my classroom.  I have typed up the kids birthdays, now I just need to print, laminate and hang.  These posters are editable, so all you have to do is type your kids birthdays inside the box that says "type your text here".

Here is a look at them:

If you would like to see them in my store, just click here.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Pictures

I survived!  Today was my first day back to work!  The kids do not come for another week so I am not finished setting up my room, but I will show you a few pictures of what I have so far.

This is a picture of one set of cubbies.  My sweet mom made the curtains for me.  I purchased the fabric from Hobby Lobby.  She actually made these a year ago.  I just washed and ironed them, and they are ready to go!  It's kind of hard to tell from the picture but it is two different fabrics.  One piece is solid yellow and the bottom portion has little bees to go with my bee themed classroom.

Here is a peek inside the cubbies.  The students cubbies are labeled with name plates.  Each student has a basket to hold their 100 challenge reading books and students place their backpacks in the bottom of the cubby.

Color Words
This bulletin board was my word wall last year.  I changed it up and only put my color words here this year.  It's not that great of a picture, but it looks cute in person.  I actually have to make a correction though because I forgot to add the word "white".  This fabric also came from Hobby Lobby... love!

Word Wall

Once again, I apologize these pictures were taken with my phone!  But this is a look at my Alphabet and Word Wall this year.  I think I am going to like having the words in the center of the classroom.

Classroom Rules, Behavior Chart, and Incentive Charts
Each morning our students say the school pledge which states, "I promise to be a respectful, responsible, honest citizen, and do my best at all times".  Our classroom rules align with the school pledge.  I changed my behavior chart to make it more colorful.  If you want to see the one I used last year click here.  Each morning the students begin on "Ready to Learn".  Throughout the day there are opportunities for the kids to move their clips up or down.  If a student's clip is on "Make Better Choices", "Ready to Learn", "Great", "Way to Go", or "Exceptional" by the end of the day students earn a sticker to go on his/her incentive chart.  Once the incentive charts are filled up, the student can redeem a prize from the treasure box.  I have found this behavior system to work wonders.

And lastly, here is a look at the bulletin board outside of my classroom.
This picture is also hard to see, but the banner says, "Buzz on In" and the students each have their name on a bee.

I will be back with more pictures as I add to my classroom!  Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Llama Llama Craftivity

Going to school can be hard on anyone...especially incoming Kinders who may have never been away from their loved one.  It can be difficult on the caregiver as well!!

To discuss the transition of coming to school with my class, I love reading "Llama Llama Misses Mama".  This year I have made a fun craft to go along with the story.

The kids will practice cutting, gluing, writing and drawing skills with this craft.  The students will cut out the pieces to make the llama and then glue them together.  They will also draw a picture at the top of the writing prompt and then fill in the empty space by writing who they miss while they are at school.

I included a blank writing prompt that has the writing box and then lines at the bottom for those of you that may want to have your kiddos write about a different topic.  If you choose to use the blank writing prompt, it would go well with any of the "Llama Llama" books.

Just click here to check out the activity in my store!

Playdoh Mats for Color Words

Hey, y'all!  Eight days and I'm back to work!!  I actually went to work today to interview for a teacher's aide.  All of the candidates were really great, and the position was filled today... yay!!  I am going to be working with someone who worked in my classroom over half the year last year subbing.  I am so excited about starting a new year!

I am linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It.

The first few weeks of school, I will be introducing color words.  So today, I made Playdoh Mats for Color Words.  Here's a look at what's included in my packet:

I love using playdoh mats to teach sight words because it is fun, engaging, hands-on, and the students can do the work independently in a station or center.  I am excited about using these color word mats this year!  If you would like to see them in my store just click here!

Friday, August 2, 2013

FREE Sharp/Not Sharp Pencil Labels

Just hopping on to offer you a Freebie!

Last year, I had individual toolboxes for my kids that were used to hold their glue stick, scissors, eraser, crayons and pencil.  I had a cup of freshly sharpened pencils that the students were able to come and select one when their pencil became dull.   This worked well, but it wasn't very organized because I would just have them lay their dull pencil on my desk...

This year, I am using toolboxes again.  Last year they were black.  
But check out the cute colors I found this year!

Anyway, I plan to keep the pencils that are sharp and the pencils that are dull more organized by using either two cups or two small baskets with the following labels.

If you would like a copy you may download it here for FREE!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Currently~ August

I am linking up with Farley for her Currently Party.

Here's my August, Currently.

First, I'm listening to thunder.. yet again.  

This summer it has rained sooo much!  For the month of July we got well over 15 inches of rain!!  If this pattern continues through the Winter and turns to snow, I may be in school all next summer! :)

I'm loving that I can stay up late, sleep late, and even fit in a tiny nap some days... since I'm so tired from sleeping in! 

I'm thinking there is SO much to do!!  I'm about to go crazy to get to work!  But I can't get into my room because my room was used for Summer School and even though Summer School is over the room still has to be cleaned.

I'm wanting my dad to get better.  My dad has always been so healthy his whole life.  For the last few months he's had a really hard time because they found a hole in his colon.  So tomorrow they are going to do surgery.  I'm hoping he will be much better after the surgery.  The surgery is suppose to last 4 or 5 hours and he is going to possibly have to be out of work for 8 weeks.

I'm needing an Aide!  The aide that I worked with last year was fabulous!  And I'm very excited for her because she just got a 1st grade teaching position!!  I'm going to miss her, but I'm so happy that she was able to find a job!  She has worked so hard!

For Back to School, I HAVE to have the laminator, cardstock and scissors.  I have been cutting all day!  My word wall, alphabet, kid's cubby names, incentive charts and color posters are all laminated, cut and ready to hang!  I am hoping to go work in my classroom tomorrow!

Hope everyone is enjoying the first day of August!