Thursday, January 30, 2014


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Save My Ink: Sight Word Playdoh Mats

We are out of work again today because of the snow!  Yay! :)  I have enjoyed curling up with Scooter (my dog), watching tv, and working.  Today, I created these Sight Word Playdoh Mats for my students to practice building words in a fun way.  They are black and white to save on ink.  I plan on printing and laminating them.  During word work time I am going to give each student a different word... one that they have not mastered yet.

To see the item in my store just click on the picture below.

Snow Day!!

On Tuesday it started snowing so our school dismissed at 1:00.  Today we were out all day and we also have the day off tomorrow!!  So, I have been getting caught up on a lot of different things!  I created a packet to practice color words.  I wanted to create something that focused on color words at the beginning of the school year, but I never got around to it... so today was the perfect day!

Students color the word and pictures at the top of the page.  Next, they trace the color word.  Lastly, they search for the color word and circle it once they find it.  Here are two examples from my packet.

To see the packet in my store just click on the picture below.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Groundhog's Day~ Write the Room

I just created a fun Groundhog's Day~ Write the Room Activity.  

This lesson comes with 16 cards.  Words are already typed onto the cards.

I included blank templates so that if you wish to print and then write your own words to practice you can.

I give my students clipboards and allow them time to walk around the room to search and record.

Once the student has recorded all the words I listen to him/her read the words to me.  

To see this activity in my store, click here.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Bee Incentive Charts

Ever look around your classroom and get tired of the way things look sometimes??  Well, today it just hit me that I really needed to change my incentive charts.  So I decided to whip some new ones up...

My room is bee themed and after I saw Brianna Price post this cute bee clipart,  I had to put it to use right away!  The charts come in blue, pink, yellow, orange, green and purple.  I have left space at the top of each chart for the student's name.  Students have the opportunity to earn a sticker each day.  Once their bee chart is filled with stickers I let them go to the treasure box.  Hopefully they will love the new charts!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

100th Day Freebies

This coming Thursday will be our 100th Day of School.  I put together a couple of freebies if you would like to grab them.

The first is a Color by 3D Shape Activity.

The next freebie is a 100 Counting Mat.  

Students use qtips and paint to paint 10 dots within each 10 sections to get a collection of 100 dots in the end.

You can grab these free items here.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Five for Friday

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching

 to share 5 random things from my week.

Next week we will be learning about Animals in Winter, especially focusing on bears.  I created this reader to practice the word "said" while also learning about characteristics of bears in different seasons.  Here is a look at the reader:

To see the reader in my store, click here.  

This week we continued to work on activities from my Arctic Pack.
During one of the stations we practiced digraphs "ch, sh, th, wh".  
Students looked at pictures

and then recorded the digraph on his/her recording sheet.

In another station, 

 students looked at two pictures and then wrote "yes" or "no" as to whether the pictures rhyme.

During Math, we practiced Seal Subtraction.  
This is an example of one of the seals.  
Students read the problem and then recorded the answer.

We practiced counting walruses in a rectangular array and then recorded our answer.

We also practiced some of our sight words by completing this Search and Find sheet.

Hope everyone has a really great weekend and stays warm and healthy!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Arctic Freeze~ Updates & Sale

I have updated my Arctic Freeze Packet.  There are many activities that are just Print and Go and there are also Station/Center activities included.

Here is an example of some of the Print and Go activities.
There are Color by Sight Word pages to practice learning sight words.

There is a poem that we read as a whole group and then the kids looked for the words within the poem individually.

 Students practiced letter sounds by looking at the picture on the penguin and the letter on the penguin's beak and then coloring the snowflake to show if they heard the sound in the beginning, middle, or end.

There are simple addition and subtraction pages within this packet also.

Some of the printables can be used as assessment or as practice.  This sheet has students practice circling the group that has more.

We used this to draw and write about penguins.

We practiced reviewing sight words by playing this bingo game as a whole class.

This is an example of a station activity that practices 3D shapes.  Students look at the picture and then color whether the shape is a cube, cone, cylinder, or sphere on his/her recording sheet.

This is the recording sheets for the 3D shape station.

There are many more activities to keep your kids learning and engaged.  Click here to see the packet in my store, and while you are there download the preview for a few freebies!

Also, my store is on sale today!

How Many Hearts Are There in All? emergent reader

This reader will be great to use around Valentine's Day.  It has students practice reading and writing the sight word "all" while also adding hearts together.

To see the reader in my store, click here.

What Foods Are Good For You? emergent reader

Normally I would be in bed by this time... but I am enjoying a 4 day weekend!  Is it sad to be so excited when we just had 2 weeks off for Christmas?!

I just created this reader for my students to practice reading and writing the word "good".

To see the reader in my store, click here.  
Hope everyone had a great weekend!